The Company



Since 1969 Dr. Argyris Argyriadis has shown action in the fields of public and private projects, applied geology, hydrogeology, geothermy and in all types of geotechnical studies-surveys. Moreover, he has undertaken many works in the field of civil engineering. 


In 1977, he founded the company "Argyriadis and Partners". In 2000, Markos Argyriadis (Msc of Geologist-Geotechnician) joined the company. The fact that new ideas and modern methods were combined with the valuable experience of the previous years, gave to the activities of the company a new impetus. Thus, since 2008, a new sector that deals exclusively with Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with the use of low enthalpy geothermal energy has been added to the services of "Argyriadis and Partners" company.

Our company, which specializes in the field of engineering and environmental geology as well as in the field of geothermy, consists of a solid team with experienced scientific and technical personnel. As a consequence of the company's great experience and professionalism, it collaborates with Civil Engineering companies, Construction companies, Environmental Remediation Companies, Mining Management Companies, Waste Management Companies (Landfill), Public Bodies, Organizations of Social Services, Local Self-Governments, Institutions and Individuals. "Argyriadis and Partners" company, during its long course of experience, has undertaken numerous projects all over the Greek territory and for each and every project it has gained the appreciation and trust from all its co-workers.